Padded Mitts are not only cute but efficient. Have your sub cram their hands into the cush padded mitts. Now, the fun begins! Force them to pick up round objects or receive correction. Demand they get you off without fumbling, or else.

Or, if you have a submissive that loves feeling denied but not necessarily into corporal, strap a vibe to their favorite pleasure part and leave it up to them to take it off! Use Vet Wrap to secure a vibe inside them, or to wrap a wand handle to their thigh. It’s amazing to watch them struggle while getting off!

Additional information


Each Mitt Features a Fastened D-Ring. Buckle Belt Fastener

External Dimensions

Depth & Min/Max Circumference: (S: 6.8" & 1.5"/3.5") (L: 7.75" & 2.75"/4.3")


Leather, Metal


Mild detergent and warm water


Store dry, in a cool, dry place


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