Kink’s Rope Play Starter Kit by Twisted Monk


  • Two Thickness To Choose From
  • Includes Safety Scissors and DVD
  • High Quality Hemp Rope


Restraining willing submissives with rope for pleasure has been a core characteristic of since the beginning. Rope play provides immense satisfaction to both the dominant and the submissive, by way of executing well studied ties or being restrained by them. Rope play can be as simple as tying your partner’s wrists together, or to your bed frame, and as involved as completely suspending them off the ground, open to whatever pleasure you choose to provide.

Twisted Monk’s natural hemp rope is fully endorsed at so much so that they’ve created our proprietary Kink Red hemp rope. The Kink Red is limited availability and will always look amazing on any skin tone. The deep, blood red hues will only add to the lustful nature of rope bondage. All rope is ethically sourced, fully conditioned and ready to use. Every bundle or hemp rope is processed with vegan, allergen free oils.

We’ve chosen two thickness to choose from: 6mm & 8mm. 8mm is super thick, good for beginners, larger bodies, or strength, but can be bulky. 6mm is a great middle ground, is still very strong while being more flexible for more intricate ties.

Experienced buyers know the brand well, and new to rope bondage participants should know this is the real deal!

Additional information


Start Kit Includes: 1 30ft & 2 10ft 6mm Bundles, Safety Scissors, Instructional DVD, Robust: 1 40ft & 2 15ft 8mm Bundles, Safety Scissors, Instructional DVD

External Dimensions

6mm thickness or 8mm thickness, whipped ends


Mild detergent and warm water. Dye will run in certain situations, so always keep away from anything that may be damaged by this. Hang dry if possible.


Store completely dry and out of sunlight.


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