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Kink’s Devil Dick

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  • Limited Edition
  • Co-designed by Kink.com & Bad Dragon
  • Platinum Silicone

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Kink.com and Bad Dragon are proud to introduce a fantastic new member to our lineup of products. Its beautiful coloration brings out all the gorgeous details of this aesthetically pleasing toy, Kink’s Demon Dick is sure to please in the bedroom.

A gentle pointed tip tapers into a smooth, soft head, while leading down to a generous shaft. You’ll find subtle ridges and other textures which are sure to bring stimulating pleasure. Kink’s Demon Dick finishes with a nice set of balls allowing for a good grip and providing a sturdy base.

This rare collaboration with Bad Dragon is a must have for any toy connoisseurs’ collection.

Additional information


External Dimensions



Platnium Grade Silicone


Mild detergent and warm water, or heavily diluted bleach/water solution


Store clean and dry, not touching other toys.

5 reviews for Kink’s Devil Dick

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This makes me feel like a true dirty evil slut I am.. I love penetrating my pussy really fast while having my vibrator on a slow and steady speed with a plug in my asshole. It makes me cum like never before and I can’t control myself to squirt all over my bed! Then I go to sleep in my wet bed like a dirty slut with my pussy feeling relaxed and puffy. I love feeling like satan’s dirty little slut and ever since I’ve had this..I play with myself more than I ever have before. — Finally. A fuck toy made to fulfill my dark and dirty fantasy. xxx

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Where have you been all my life? My favorite combination is using my super rumbling large Lelo smart wand against my clit at the same time im pumping satans cock alternating between slow and deep as well as agreesive. The thuddy, rumbling strong vibration from my favorite Lelo wand penetrates so deep that the amazing bumps and spikes and ridges of Satans dildo sensually stab and stimulate every sweet spot any woman coukd imagine. This satanic devil cock is a game changer for my solo play and deserves a sexy display shrine just based on the joy it has provided me alone. I plan to buy a second satanic Devils cock just for decoration. This toy, and the njoy pure wand are the best Squirt tools ever made. Personally, I always combine cliroral vibration with vaginal or G- spot play and if you are new to squirting, still trying to figure it out or looking for another guaranteed super soaking toy (like njoy pure wand) to add to your toy box, DO NOT PASS UP SATNS COCK. Your G spot and your woman hood will have no choice but to biw down and wirship this deliciously spikes and scaled satanic dildo from Hell. I cant wait to peg a man with it one whike he s blindfolded getting devil fucked until I remove the blindfold and reveal to him, his orgasmic consummation with Satan. Ladies, grab one! 🙂 they are amazing physically and visually and id used for pegging, it can definitely be a bit intimidating for your imobile slave upon the reveal of this evil, stabbing prostate slaying devil horn. The visual is amazing too. Buy one!

  3. Rated 3 out of 5


    This dildo is my all time favorite. I wish the tip was harder though. I love the sensation of stabbing in my pussy

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    THE ridges made me squirt and my husband ate my squirt then I sucked his dick. Then I ate his cum it was yellowish is that bad because I ate it.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    The bumps and ridges bring me to orgasm like no dildo I have ever had. I love this and its one of my favorites

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