Chrome Arm Restraints

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A stunning piece of metal work that captures the elbows in a fixed position. Simply bend the arms, insert the elbows into the cages, and run the bar through. The pressure is created by the bar locking into the crooks of the bent arms and running across the back. They will never, ever get free unless you allow it! Experiment with other gear to pose your captive in different standing positions, which really show off these stunners. The polished chrome reflects the light and turns your play partner into a shining slut angel!

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These Restraints Are Best Suited For Average to Petite Sized Persons

External Dimensions

23.5" in Total Length, 6.25" in Height, 3.25" in Diameter. Bar Adjustable Area From 18 to 23.5" in Length


Stainless Steel


Mild detergent and warm water


Store dry, flat or hanging, in a cool, dry place


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