Dear Kink Store Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our Loyalty Program! Kink Store is one of the few, if not only, adult toy and gear stores online that offer a loyalty program for its valued customers. We hope you have fun gaining rewards for buying sex positive products. We will make your rewards even more dynamic in the near future, but for now there’s nothing wrong with joining and earning points today!

Many Thanks,

Peter Acworth, CEO


Create your own Kink Store account | Simply create your own Kink Store customer account by clicking the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button located at the top right of your browsing window. It won’t take more than 1 minute to set up your account! (Kink Store has separate accounts from!)


Easy ways to earn points | We want this to be as easy as possible. You are given points for purchases as well as being active on our site. Your contribution to our community and content is valued, and we want to reward you for it!

  • CREATE A KINK STORE ACCOUNT | just opening an account rewards 500 reward points after your first full value purchase.
  • PURCHASES | $1 spent rewards reward points
  • WRITE A REVIEW | Approved reviews rewards 10 reward points
  • RETURN IN US DOLLARS | 1 reward point is valued at $0.01 USD | This equals 2% back on all purchases, including sales!

SPEND YOUR POINTS | whenever you want, on whatever you want

Spending your reward points could not be any easier! Here are the steps:

  1. Shop the store like any other day (except you get FREE things!)
  2. Head to your CART when ready to apply your points
  3. Under your list of items, there is a nice big gray box that says, “Rewards Points to Enter” Go ahead and enter the amount of points you want to apply.
  4. You’ll see a nice big red button “APPLY REWARDS POINTS” next to the gray box. Click it!
  5. The CART will do its magic and apply your cash reward to the CART amount. Remember, this does not apply to shipping.
  6. You can see the total dollar amount deducted right above the CART total. If you’d like, there is a nice “Remove” button to erase the points used and start over.
  7. Then CHECKOUT and you’re all done!



1 | If you already had opened a unique Kink Store account (not the same as your account) prior to our loyalty program, you should have been credited with your points. If you don’t see your points after a purchase, please email us with your user name, and first name associated with the account, and we will look into it. Our email address is

2 | All product reviews have to be approved by Kink Store for content. SEE POSTING GUIDELINES

3 | The Kink Store Loyalty Program is unique amongst our peers selling adult products online. It is our best way of saying thank you to our customers, and with that we hope you take advantage of the program! Mailing List subscribers will be invited to share in promotions that offer double or triple rewards! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER



1 | Loyalty points are rewarded, not purchased credits for future use. All this means is that this is not like a purchased gift card with no expiration. Your reward points will expire after 365 calendar days. Example: reward point earned on Dec. 31, 2015 expires on Dec. 31 2016.

2 | Your reward points are not applicable to shipping fees, and may be blacked out for specific products. These products are items that Kink promotes with very little benefit, as we pay our favorite small production artisans near retail for their products. We just love them and want you to have them, but cannot afford to discount them.

3 | You do not own reward points and they can be eliminated at any time, for any reason, without explanation at the discretion of Kink Store, and all it’s staff and subsidiaries (the business). You cannot hold “the business” liable for any perceived loss resulting in the elimination of reward points, as you do not own them nor have any personal claim to them.

4 | Kink Store will never reverse a credit card payment because a customer forgot to use their points. There are too many fees and variables involved in doing so.

5 | When applying points to a cart that qualifies for FREE SHIPPING, you will lose that free shipping perk if the adjusted total brings the cash value of the cart below the level need to qualify for free shipping. Example: Cart Value (dollar cost of your products) = $100. Free Shipping is activated. You apply $25 in reward points, lowering the Cart Value to $75. Free Shipping is deactivated.